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Our philosophy

We have four key words leading us in every choice we make:
Territory, Uniqueness, Simplicity, Ambition.


Wine is made in the vineyard. And the result is always an expression of our amazing territory situated between the Val Trebbia and the city of Piacenza, of its landscapes, castles and hills alongside the river. Our certified organic vineyards, the attention in the winery and the millenary history of Piacenza wine are the ingredients of top-quality wines.


Each wine we produce is a little gem: studied, cultivated with love and made wine to be special, unique and excellent. We have chosen the best local rows of vines, selecting their grapes in order to make the most of them: this is the only way to ensure that the bottle of wine you open will be unforgettable.


The Piacenza wines are simple and genuine, but not obvious: it is the kind of simplicity of friends sitting around a table, of the village festivals, of bicycles riding in the countryside and of handmade food. We like our wine just as it is: for company, able to surprise, to move and to bring a smile.


Our wines have always been ambassadors for the territory. What is our great ambition? To talk about Piacenza also outside Piacenza, seizing its soul in a glass of wine. It is like inviting you at our home, because the Piacenza wines know how to make you fall in love at first draught.

Our wine, our dream

We make unique wines, which are expression of our territory: simple,
genuine, able to affect. And able to talk about Piacenza outside Piacenza, as well.