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Gli Spaghi

Gutturnio and Ortrugo of the Colli Piacentini: the one red and the other one white but both sparkling wines, like the autumnal air of our hills.
The cork is closed with the traditional twine (spago in Italian) accurately hand-tied, to allow the wine to undergo a second perfect fermentation, just as we like it.

An ancient gesture

The natural sparkle of our wines is the result of the second bottle fermentation, thanks to the traditional hand-closure with twine. An old gesture turning each bottle into a little masterpiece of intellect, crafts and pleasure.

Give twine to life

Because sometimes, in life, we need to give a little bit of rope, to let by and enjoy the moment, better if with a friend, even better if with a glass of wine. In Piacenza we are like this: genuine and cheerful because the good things of life are often the simplest ones.

Beautiful, simple and from Piacenza

Our Spaghi are beautiful, simple and born in Piacenza, and you can actually drink them everywhere: at an aperitif with friends, in a village festival, on a special occasion. They can be paired with your favourite food, as long as you drink them chilled. You will be surprised tasting them even with a pizza, a fish tartare or a hamburger.



Ortrugo Frizzante DOC



Gutturnio Frizzante DOC