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Wine is made in the vineyard.

Our winemaking expert Paolo loves the Val Trebbia more than anything else. His mantra is: respect for nature and love for the vineyards. For this reason, our grapes have been certified organic since 2018: no pesticides, only organic fertilizers, use of biodegradable materials, attention to microclimate, exposure and ground. Using such grapes, wine is made first of all in the vineyard.

Biodiversity comes first.

“We cannot command nature except by obeying her”: it is the motto of our elderly. This is why in our vineyards we always encourage biodiversity: we manage cultivations intelligently in order that all the plant and animal species of the area may live in perfect balance with our grapes. A rich soil and excellent wines are the results of a healthy environment.

Only a few interventions in winery.

By paying such a strong attention to nature, land and vineyards, it is obvious that the interventions in winery are minimal:
selected French oak barriques, cultured yeasts and just a few processing.
This way the natural features of our wines remain intact.