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'L Piston

Only single-variety Barbera resulting from a vineyard older than over 70 years: ‘L Piston is a simple wine having a long tradition.
It is the magnum bottle that our fathers and grandfathers used to put in the middle of the table: only this way there was enough wine for all of the friends present.
It is typical of Piacenza to the core as it loves being in company.

It tastes like Piacenza

When you drink wine in Piacenza, you always drink it with friends. ‘L Piston was born like this: to be shared. It tastes of ripe cherries and blackcurrant, of fruits and spices, but above all, it tastes of Piacenza, of homemade salami, of people sitting at a table, of memories thought aloud and legends told in dialect.

It tastes like friendship

If you drink it in the typical white bowl (scudlei in dialect), maybe while you are playing briscola, ‘L Piston will never disappoint you. ‘L Piston tastes of friendship. This is why we always say that if you drink wine alone, it has a bitter taste.

Accademia of Piston

It is to hand down this tradition that ‘L Piston Academy was founded: it is a club of friends who organizes cultural events, tastings and special dinners, celebrating the value of friendship and fraternity. It is a true point of reference for Piacenza.

'L Piston


Barbera Emilia I.G.T.