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L'Alba e la Pietra

L’Alba e la Pietra is a mature and complex white wine: it has nothing obvious.
Intense and typical, it surprises every time: like a morning in Val Trebbia, when light and shade take turns among the rows of ripe grapes.
It loves the anolini in broth, aged cheeses and foie gras.

The sun on the stone

When dawn breaks in Val Trebbia, the morning sun lights the Parcellara stone, over eight hundred meters of Ligurian Apennines backing on the Piacenza valleys. From above the landscape is amazing: the valley of Bobbiano, the Luretta valley, the mount Penice and the Val Trebbia brighten in the early sunbeams, one after the other.

Golden white

This white wine, which is yellow and golden like the beams of dawn brushing the stones, was born here. L’Alba e la Pietra talks about love: between sun and land, stone and vineyard, the Piacenza wine tradition and the novelty of a new contemporary view.

Artist label

All that is amazingly told on the label thanks to a work of the master Armodio (Vilmore Schenardi), a world-famous artist from Piacenza who gave us his view of the Parcellara stone.

L'Alba e la Pietra


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