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Cecco is a red wine from Barbera, Bonarda and Cabernet grape varieties.
Mami is a white Emilia IGT with Malvasia di Candia aromatica. But that’s not all.
Cecco and Mami are genuine, friendly, born and grown between the Val Trebbia and the city, with a past of tradition and a future that has yet to be written.
We want to become the new ambassadors for Piacenza in the world.

Cecco & Mami are:

Cecco and Mami are the Sunday anolini in broth. The punch you give in the middle of the sbrisolona cake. A dive into the river Trebbia in summer. A friend who lines up at the counter of meat skewers in your place.

The clenched teeth of genuine dialect. The ballroom dance at the village fairs. The slice of salami cut diagonally. The bends of the highway 45. The white-and-red football team in Serie A. The voices of the market in Piazza Duomo. Our 4th of July.

An unforgettable “r”. A coppa sandwich for snack. The high-school bicycle shacking on the cobblestones of the town centre. The white bowl instead of the glass. The ace of coins when coins are trumps.



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